Wednesday, March 26, 2014

climax denial / the rita - preparing for pointe.

Climx Denial / The Rita - Preparing For Pointe


74.53 MB

1. Climax Denial - Arch Suggests Commitment To Perfection (Ballet Is Woman)
2. Climax Denial - Floor Pointe Stretch For Webcam Post Double-Ankle Surgery
3. Climax Denial - Tips For A Beginner (Requested Toe-Bend Video) Leave A Comment
4. The Rita - Oksana Shorik, Preparing For Pointe

here's the newest release from lake shark harsh noise, and their first in a while if discogs is to be believed.

juxtaposing two prolific artists, this is an early contender for best split of the year. the climax denial tracks are full-on wild power electronics while the rita's side is something of a departure from his usual material - in addition to the usual wall noise, there's a lot of classical music and dialogue samples, and the interplay between all three is really fascinating.

the packaging is standard LSHN - oversized booklet with inserts and tape, all sealed inside of a clear plastic bag.

as for purchasing options, I think a few were available via total black, but all seem to be gone now. your other option is to email sam mckinlay himself at lakesharkhn [at] gmail [dot] com and request a copy. he accepts paypal and should have no trouble shipping it to wherever you might be located.

but I'm sure this one will be gone soon, so don't pass it up - you'll definitely be seeing it on one my year-end lists.

(for preview purposes only.)

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