Thursday, March 27, 2014

tollund men - donar's oak.

Tollund Men - Donar's Oak


37.16 MB

1. Donar's Oak
2. Roots
3. The Night
4. Body Problems

this is the new tollund men tape courtesy of ascetic house's january program.

every day throughout all of january, ascetic house posted one tape that was available for only twenty-four hours. when those twenty-four hours were up, that tape was taken down and a new one was put up for order.

donar's oak was the fourth such release and there isn't much to say about it - if you're a tollund men fan (and who isn't), you'll definitely enjoy this tape. and if you're not, well, give it a shot anyway - they haven't disappointed yet.

obviously no longer available from the source, keep an eye on discogs. and maybe a couple distros will get some copies be on the lookout.

(for preview purposes only.)


  1. awesome, thank you! i just picked up my tapes from the post today. i didn't know about the january program until the day this tape was available, but somehow the tape before this (marshstepper) was included. i'm hoping the first two won't be too hard to track down once the distros get their copies.

    1. I also missed out on the first two...and you can always watch discogs.

    2. so does that mean 1 rip a day for 29 days? ;)

    3. haha I only picked up ten of them, otherwise I'd definitely consider it.

  2. Thanxxx man, cheers!