Monday, September 2, 2013

werewolf jerusalem - hand of the gallows.

Werewolf Jerusalem - Hand Of The Gallows


73.61 MB

1. The Door With Seven Locks
2. Death Drums Along The Rivers

with four new releases, monorail trespassing remains one of the strongest noise and avant-garde labels in the game. excellent packaging, quality tapes, and artists ranging from veterans to newcomers all combine to make for a very strong label.

this release is by noise veteran werewolf jerusalem, also known as richard ramirez. while I haven't posted any of his work under this moniker yet, I have posted some of his work as black leather jesus and an innocent young throat-cutter. any fans of ramirez's previous work as werewolf jerusalem will be familiar with the style of this tape - droning, minimalist static. it's not quite harsh noise wall, but it's close; there's a little more variation to the noise here than, say, works by vomir or the rita.

it's a little more ambient than the other werewolf jerusalem recordings I've heard and thus would make great background music for whatever you might be doing.

I don't think it's available on the monorail trespassing site just yet, but it should be soon. if you're desperate for one now, though, get in touch with ramirez himself and he might be able to send you a copy.

and don't forget to check out the man's bandcamp page - it's filled with recordings spanning many years and many different projects, and there are hours upon hours of material to keep your ears occupied.

also, I've got another werewolf jerusalem post coming, you know, stay tuned.

(buy a copy from monorail trespassing.)

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  1. Everyone NEEDS more cassettes! Thanks for pointing me in this direction!