Wednesday, September 11, 2013

maussade - trouver la paix.

Maussade - Trouver La Paix


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1. Trouver Le Paix

my third release from NSN, maussade's trouver la paix ((tr: "to find peace") is another slab of epic harsh noise wall, right along the lines of en dehors, en rien.

it's nearly thirty minutes of dense, heavily textured noise. listening to this over headphones reveals a lot of layers here, almost too many to process, but in the end it's a great release. on a slight tangent, now that I'm back in new york city (and working, I might add), I've been listening to everything on headphones much more frequently. maybe it's because I'm so drained from my much more busy schedule, but harsh noise wall has taken on a much more psychedelic quality, inducing what might be auditory hallucinations. I hear little details, melodies, and voices that are probably not there, instead invented by my brain based on the influx of disparate sounds these recordings provide.

needless to say, be sure to listen to this and any other harsh noise wall recordings via headphones whenever possible.

moving only complaint, and it's not with the album or artist at all, is that NSN's releases are just too hard to find. criminally hard to find, in fact, and if it wasn't for total black's small but excellent distro selection, I wouldn't have heard two of the three that I've posted here.

regardless, always be on the lookout for anything from this stellar label. two are available via discogs, so do what you can to support them until mailorder resumes.

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