Wednesday, September 25, 2013

dommedagssalme - terra.

Dommedagssalme - Terra


71.73 MB

1. Nadir
2. Ruins
3. Deathwill
4. Terra
5. Flesh

please allow me to apologize once more for the lack of posts recently. at first it was because of our cross-country move. but then only two weeks after getting back, I got a new job...definitely didn't think it would be that fast.

anyway, said job is extremely time-consuming, strenuous, and stressful, especially with two large events on the horizon. paired with a three-hour commute, I've had little energy to devote to music at all, let alone ripping, listening, and writing. and that doesn't even touch the longer film-related pieces. the material is there, I just have to get to it...and I will. once the job settles down and we move into our new apartment, I'll not only have more time but more energy as well.

and that (fingers crossed) should be no more than two weeks away.


dommedagssalme is a perennial favorite here and one listen to any of john marshall's releases should tell you why. his simultaneously conventional yet fresh approach to black metal just sounds great - little hints of melody, epically tormented vocals, and great arrangements all combine to bring a new sound to what is otherwise a very traditional formula.

his work on terra, a demo released in 2008 via legion blotan, brings a slightly different sound and production value than was heard on the more recent tape that I last posted. the mix is drastically different, with the guitars (and synths?) right up front, then the vocals, then the drums that seem to be buried particularly deep.

the resulting sound bears a striking resemblance to drone and *gasp* shoegaze. but this is still black metal at heart, with plenty of fuzzed-out riffs, furious drum parts, and tortured vocals. copies are available via legion blotan at the link below - just scroll down a little, everything's in alphabetical order.

(buy a copy from legion blotan.)

(for preview purposes only.)

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