Monday, September 16, 2013

werewolf jerusalem - curse of the crimson altar.

Werewolf Jerusalem - Curse Of The Crimson Altar


168.91 MB

1. Crimson Cult
2. Craxted Lodge
3. The Arrival
4. Lavinia Morley
5. The Witch House
6. Burned To The Ground

I've been waiting so long to post this one, and I'm glad the time has finally come.

this massive triple cassette box set comes courtesy of the one and only total black, and the sound contained within is so much more harsh and unforgiving than the previous werewolf jerusalem release I posted that it's almost staggering.

these three cassettes come in a vinyl clamshell case with an insert. the stark black and white imagery is a perfect compliment to the HNW contained within. as I stated above, this is an hour and a half of some of the most brutal and unforgiving noise I've heard in a while, and it absolutely demands to be listened to on a great pair of headphones.

each track has a completely different mood and tone than the last which, let's be honest, isn't frequently the case with harsh noise wall. some tracks are incredibly dense, others are much more sparse. but regardless of the specific track, there's an omnipresent sense of doom, despair, and darkness. a feeling of foreboding, that danger is closing in. it's that very aura that makes me both love and fear this album, and also why I keep returning to it over and over again.

so do yourself a favor - first, buy a copy from brett at total black. then pop the first tape into your deck, put on a good pair of headphones, kill all of the lights, and press play. you'll be pulled into an almost psychedelic world of sonic distortion and destruction from which you will not emerge unscathed.

if this isn't one of the best harsh noise releases of the year, I don't know what is.

(buy a copy from total black.)

(for preview purposes only.)


  1. This is officially available on Bandcamp. Buy it there. It's cheap and the sound quality (if you download FLAC) is really brutal. Highly recommended!