Wednesday, July 24, 2013

an innocent young throat-cutter - gli occhi dentro.

An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter - Gli Occhi Dentro - Tribute To Bruno Mattei


63 MB

1. Eyes Without A Face
2. Eyes Without A Face Pt. 2

released in 2009 via nil by mouth recordings, "gli occhi dentro" is thirty minutes of harsh noise wall from richard ramirez and his fellow throat-cutter cristiano renzoni. I'm still waiting on a package from analog worship so in the meantime, since I haven't seen any currently-active links for this one, I figured I'd post it.

richard ramirez is the man behind black leather jesus, werewolf jerusalem, and too many others to count. visit his bandcamp page to hear a variety of different releases the man has put out over the last twenty years.

this is a half-hour of harsh, slowly-shifting tones and textures that any fan of the genre will appreciate. a handful of copies are still available on discogs, so grab one if you like what you hear.

hopefully that package will arrive soon....

(for preview purposes only.)

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