Saturday, September 7, 2013

qulielfi - forgetter.

Qulielfi - Forgetter


75.71 MB

1. The Black Earth Will Hide You
2. Hekas Hekas Este Bebeloi (Phibionite Orthodoxy)
3. The Bees Are In My Head
4. Plain Of Aletheia Plain Of Truth
5. Where There Are Men There Are Devils
6. Elemental Energies Of An Extremely Hostile Type
7. The Lost Kala

this one definitely caught me by surprise. a relatively new release from universal consciousness, "forgetter," the debut recording from qulielfi, is an interesting beast - a partially electric, partially acoustic black metal album.

and I don't mean acoustic interludes or passages, I mean tracks of almost full-on acoustic black metal. there are a few electrified riffs buried under the static, but the overall sound is pervasive, otherworldly, and strangely enthralling.

there's a very tribal quality to the drums as well that give the entire album a very hypnotic feel - it quickly lulls you into a trance and before you know it, the tape is over. and I mean that in a very positive way - it's something that I immediately wanted to return to and investigate further.

the sound is so familiar yet so alien. I'm sure there are other acoustic-oriented black metal bands out there, and maybe I've even heard some of them, but "forgetter" made me "forget" all about them (pun very much intended).

as with all universal consciousness releases, this one is gorgeous to behold. copies come with either a gold or purple cover, with the artist and title both letter-pressed on. the tape is clear with on-body print and clearly labeled sides. all in all, it's a real class act.

I believe copies are still available through the label so be sure to grab one. and while you're at it, pick up whatever releases you might be missing. universal consciousness has yet to disappoint.

(buy a copy from universal consciousness.)

(for preview purposes only.)

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