Wednesday, July 17, 2013

skin graft - far worse.

Skin Graft - Far Worse


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here's another monorail trespassing release, skin graft's "far worse." wyatt howland, the man behind skin graft, has been churning out harsh noise since at least 2006, and is also a member of the hardcore band apartment 213. as skin graft, the cleveland-based howland's material has been released by labels including hanson records, chondritic sound, nostilevo, urashima, and many more.

released in early 2011, this album is just as great as one would expect a monorail trespassing release to be. the artwork is minimal and falls right in line with the rest of the monorail trespassing catalog. the music itself is alternatively harsh and ambient, filled with a much wider variety of tones and moods than most harsh noise releases. it also isn't overly dense and at just twenty-three minutes, should be no problem to get through in one sitting.

copies are still available directly from the label for only $7.50 including shipping, so grab one now. and if you've been sleeping on other monorail trespassing releases, now is as good a time as any to remedy that - with releases ranging from dreamy ambience to harsh noise wall, there's something for everyone. the packaging and sound quality are first-rate and they ship orders out in no time at all.

what are you waiting for?

(buy a copy from monorail trespassing.)

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  1. I love the artwork for Monorail Trespassing. Awesome label, thanks for this!

    1. you are very welcome, sir.

      and thank you for everything you've shared via your own blog.