Wednesday, July 3, 2013

navicon torture technologies - viktimisation.

Navicon Torture Technologies - Viktimisation


118.37 MB

1. Tears Of Fear
2. Tears Of Frustration
3. Realising The Inevitable
4. Relinquishing All Control
5. Extermination Of The Brutes I
6. Perfect Salvation Initiation
7. Extermination Of The Brutes II
8. Ghetto Blaster

here we have a reissue of two very early navicon torture technologies tapes, viktimiser (tracks one - four) and extermination (tracks five - eight). I'm sure most of you are familiar with NTT and lee bartow's other work as theologian, the later of which has been getting rave reviews over the last few years with releases like, "the further I get from your star..." and "the chasms of my heart" on the always-amazing crucial blast.

not that it matters because the audio is the same, but this is the black version limited to just 16 copies. due to the overwhelming demand, annihilvs ended up printing thirty copies of a white version with slightly different packaging.

despite the music being more than thirteen years old, it still holds up remarkably well - lots of the droning, swirling electronics and repetitive samples that lee bartow (a.k.a. leech) is still known for today. a lot of them are little too ambient and droning for my tastes - I prefer his more violent and harsh material - but it's still interesting to hear the evolution of his sound over the years. and there are still plenty of harsh elements here, so every NTT fan will find something to love.

although this black version is long sold out, there are still copies of the white version bundled with a t-shirt at the annihilvs store. grab one while you can and bear witness to the beginnings of one of today's most prominent industrial/power electronics artists.

(buy a copy of the white edition from annihilvs.)

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