Friday, March 8, 2013

various artists - steel trap.

Various Artists - Steel Trap


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1. Halflings - Justify My Love
2. The Nevari Brothers - The 42nd Hour
3. Envenomist - Festival Of Saws
4. Bacillus - Sharply Reduced Patient Survival
5. Bacillus - Botched Eradication Campaign
6. Bacillus - Fatalities From E.Coli 0157-h7
7. Bacillus - Gurney Transport To The Quarantine Ward
8. Failing Lights - Rogues At The Door
9. Evenings - Locked Inside
10. Devillock - Pushing Pleasure
11. Withdrawal Method - Hadak Utja
12. Skin Graft - Blood Gutter
13. Crook And Scourge - Black Copper
14. Prurient - Workroom
15. Prurient - Sponge Bath + Pierced Clit
16. Redrot - Murder Me
17. The Mossy Throats - Static Cage
18. Preyers - Nymphoma
19. Body Collector - Depression Vandals
20. Hive Mind - Clockwork Filth
21. Raven Strain - Lurid Form
22. Oil Of Beauty - Supplies For Building

mount analog is a never-ending source of great finds. I was able to snap up this epic noise compilation for only a third of what it goes for on discogs. this triple c60 was released in 2010 by chondritic sound and is limited to just three hundred copies.

featuring well-known artists such as skin graft, prurient, redrot, and hive mind, this doesn't quite have the variety of port out, starboard home or white eye of winter watching, but it's nevertheless an excellent document of a then-fledgling label staking it's claim in the noise genre.

packaged in a vinyl triple cassette case with three double-sided inserts, this compilation both looks and sounds great. the artwork is all black and white with extremely heavy contrast, and utilizes the same collage technique as most other chondritic sound releases.

sonically, there's not a huge range here - it's mostly harsh noise wall with occasional excursions into droning ambience and wild power electronics - but it's still a satisfying (albeit grueling) listen, and isn't that what really matters?

there are a few copies available on discogs, and I think there's one copy available at vacation vinyl in los angeles.

definitely worth a look, especially if you've been digging chondritic sound's latest string of stellar releases, all of which are available to stream and purchase on their bandcamp page. they all feature excellent packaging, spray-painted cassettes and cutting-edge music, so if you're not already familiar with the label, rectify that immediately.

(sides a and b.)

(sides c and d.)

(sides e and f.)

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