Wednesday, March 13, 2013

bandcamp roundup, part four - odds and ends.

for my final (for now) bandcamp roundup, I've picked five different labels representing a wide variety of music. darkwave, black metal, noise, power electronics - they're all here and of the utmost quality. some of them were missed while compiling past posts while some were only recently discovered, but they're all worthy of your time and money.

aurora borealis recordings - where to start...aurora borealis has a stellar lineup of releases available. sutekh hexen, menace ruine, blood of the black owl, dead raven choir, thisquietarmy - they're all here and worthy of your attention. definitely check out sutekh hexen's collaboration with andrew liles, "breed in me the darkness" and menace ruine's "union of irreconcilables."

diskret records - home to black metal, noise, and other experimental music, kr grauwacke's "slag heap" has been getting a lot of positive reviews all over the internet lately and it's definitely worth a look, especially if you're a fan of noisy black metal. also be sure to check out both cornered rat albums.

annihilvs - the brainchild of lee bartow, annihilvs has released his theologian recordings, his navicon torture technologies recordings, and several other collaborative efforts. all of it is first-rate, and I can't recommend it highly enough. my pick is NTT's "the church of dead girls." also be sure to check out his webstore for merch and hard copies.

hanson records - featuring albums from wolf eyes, skin graft, hive mind, and founder aaron dilloway's own solo recordings, hanson's bandcamp is a treasure trove of noise and experimental music. although the label's been around since 1994, the bandcamp page only went up fairly recently, so be sure to check it out. paid downloads include full-color artwork. my current favorite is skin graft's "dystrophy" - a track from this one, "blood gutter," was featured on steel trap.

beläten - this swedish label specializes in avant-garde and darkwave. while fairly new, they've already got several great releases under their collective belt. I haven't listened to everything yet, but so far my favorite is xiu's "possession" - excellent downtempo, dreamy darkwave that should appeal to fans of sans issue and avant! records.