Saturday, March 16, 2013

rhinocervs - RH-15.

Rhinocervs - RH-15


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after nearly two months of delays since it went up for sale, the newest rhinocervs tape, RH-15, is finally upon us. needless to say, expectations were high. message board speculation about the potential new style was running rampant, but not even in my wildest dreams could I have guessed the outcome...

the first side of RH-15 is completely ambient, with little hints of middle eastern rhythm, that sounds (to me) like a collection of intro tracks, not far removed from the intros on RH-07. it's not bad stuff but this isn't why I listen to rhinocervs tapes - I need my black metal fix.

so when the second side came on and I heard a blast of electric guitar, I was ecstatic. the riffs were tight, the vocals roaring, it was just what I was hoping for. but then after four short minutes, that furious storm of black metal faded out and the ambience faded back in. more acoustic tones, more synths, and more bells, even some chanting - but no riffs. just when you think it's building to an epic peak that will crash into a sea of the black metal we all know and love, the track fades out.

and just like that, the album was over.

the one black metal track is epic and fits right into the rhinocervs catalog. I'm sure many of you with a deeper appreciation for ambience and world music will appreciate the other 90% of this tape, and there will most definitely be some listeners who herald this as the most mature, forward-thinking rhinocervs release yet. it should be good for meditating or relaxing, but that's certainly not something I ever thought I'd say about a rhinocervs release.

maybe I'm dissatisfied because of my own sky-high expectations. but don't mistake "dissatisfied" for "disappointed" or "dislike," because neither of those are the truth - I was just hoping for (a little) more black metal.

that said, this tape is obviously sold out, but head over to the rhinocervs store to pick up some t-shirts and whatever other tapes are still in stock. they won't be there for long.

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  1. I was very let down by this tape. It's more like a Amazon sample of a Bohren and Der Club of Gore record.

    1. yeah man, lots of little tracks that aren't given the time to develop any identity of their own.

  2. where the fuck was this rampant speculation i keep hearing about?

    1. there's a little bit here: