Saturday, March 30, 2013

gevurah - anno mmxi.

Gevurah - Anno MMXI


45.61 MB

1. Scalding Sun
2. The Shores Of The Sitra Ahra
3. Vanquishing The Realms Of Creation

I'm sure we can all agree that fallen empire's most recent store update was nothing short of epic, and I'm also sure many people missed out on at least a couple things they were hoping to grab.

there was only one copy of this, gevurah's "anno mmxi" demo, and after hearing them on fallen empire's own svn okklt compilation, I jumped at the chance to pick up their only tape. and just days before the store update, profound lore announced that they would be releasing gevurah's debut ep, "necheshirion," in may of this year.

so with gevurah set to break out, here is their debut demo tape from 2011. both the sound and production are comparable to their track on the svn okklt compilation, so there really shouldn't be any big surprises here - just epic, fast, and furious black metal. these three tracks should give you just enough to chew on until the ep comes out (or leaks, depending on your personal preference).

the fallen empire store is down this weekend for the eternal warfare fest in salem, oregon, but it's sold out there anyway since I got the last copy. but as of this writing, there is one for sale on discogs, so snap it up quick because it's sure to become a collector's item in the near future.

and because it's a great demo filled with excellent black metal.

UPDATE: here's a better rip, courtesy of faithful reader who wishes to remain anonymous:

(for preview purposes only.)

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