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dealing - '83.

Dealing - '83


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1. Untitled
2. Untitled

here we have yet another tape from ascetic house in yet another style. first there was bodi of light's darkwave, then there was sewer drainer's blackened metal punk, and now we have dealing's harsh noise.

like the sewer drainer tape, this one is also short and sweet. bookended by two dialogue samples, dealing's debut (from what I can tell) cassette packs a ton of harsh noise wall and power electronics elements into a tight seventeen minutes and change.

but this isn't your standard, vomir-style of harsh noise wall...there's just enough going on over (or under?) all that harsh noise to keep things interesting. whereas artists like vomir and HHL mostly sound like static for hours on end, dealing introduce tones and textures that weave in, out, and around the wall of noise to create something far less monotonous than one might expect. some tracks even throw in some rhythmic noise for good measure.

don't think that any of the brutal, harsh atmosphere is lost, however - it's just as vibrant as ever. in fact, I prefer it when a noise album shows some dynamic range - those peaks and valleys are essential to creating something engaging.

that said, and as with all prior ascetic house releases, definitely pick this one up. they recently released a new batch of tapes that includes restocks of the three I've posted, so if you live in the southern california area, you have no excuse for not supporting this great label.

and now that mount analog has a web store up, you can grab these great releases even if you're not local. this tape is available right here and the sewer drainer tape is available here, so pick them up and be on the lookout for more from ascetic house - with such a wide variety of sounds and styles, they've surely got something for everyone.

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