Tuesday, March 5, 2013

sutcliffe jügend - we spit on their graves.

Sutcliffe Jügend - We Spit On Their Graves

9.4 Hours

767.92 MB

119 Tracks

since I'm sure most of you have no desire to comb through less-than-trustworthy russian torrent sites looking for obscure releases, I did it for you. and here we have one of, if not the, most essential noise/power electronics releases of all-time.

originally an offshoot of whitehouse, kevin tomkins' and peter taylor's sutcliffe jügend was named for peter sutcliffe, a notorious british serial killer. although they went on a long hiatus after this collection, they returned in the mid-90's and still seem to be going strong. more recently, they've released music on hospital productions and have even collaborated with prurient.

regarded as one of the harshest groups around back in the early- to mid-80's, every single one of these tracks still stands up today, and not just as mere curiosities of a bygone era. this stuff is harsh, brutal, and relentless - both in terms of sound and image, as each track title contains references to serial killers, sexual violence, or both. clocking in at close to nine and a half hours, this one is effectively impossible to get through in one sitting, but it's definitely worth the time and effort.

it's easy to see and hear the influence on the entire modern noise scene all over this release. artists like prurient, lustmord, alberich, theologian, and many more are pretty much all direct descendants of sutcliffe jügend (and whitehouse). it's fascinating to listen to this release and see how those newer artists have paid homage to and evolved both the aural and visual aspect of noise and power electronics.

if you ever hope to pick up a copy of this one in it's original cassette format, good luck. copies are all but impossible to find, and one sold on discogs in january for $1500 - a price high enough to come in at number two on the site's list of most expensive items sold that month. so hopefully this rip is good enough - there are some audible pops and cracks in the files but they shouldn't lessen anyone's enjoyment of this crucial piece of extreme music history.

(tapes one and two.)

(tapes three and four.)

(tapes five and six.)

(tapes seven and eight.)

(tapes nine and ten.)