Thursday, February 21, 2013

various artists - séance.

V/A - Séance


184.74 MB

1. Aderlating - Albino Body Parts 
2. Flesh Coffin - Ritual
3. Luasa Raelon - Dreadnaught
4. HHL - Love's Shadow
5. Demonologists - Blizzard Of Bile
6. Josh Lay - Scar To Scar
7. Skin Graft - 2-2-12
8. Camisole - Menstrual Asylum
9. Winters In Osaka - Bread
10. Goat - Blasphemous And Graven
11. Vomir - Untitled
12. A Snake In The Garden - During Her Assistance
13. Ghoul Detail - Phidelus
14. Haare - The Insorcist
15. Persistence In Mourning - Repent (And Atrophy)

let's take a break from bandcamp roundups to gaze (and listen) in wonder at this amazing compilation from worthless recordings. I first heard about the epic double cassette via demian johnston's fantastic devd formats blog, where he gave it an absolutely stellar review.

available straight from the label for only $10 including shipping (to the US, at least), this is some of the best bang-for-your-buck around right now. not only is the packaging fantastic - two clear tapes with silver liners and stickers come in a double, brick-style norelco case - but these two cassettes also house some of the best harsh noise and power electronics around. luminaries such as vomir, demonologists, and winters in osaka all make an appearance, and there's even a funeral doom track from persistence in mourning thrown in at the end for good measure.

there's close to two hours of brutal harsh noise and anxiety-ridden ambience spread across these two tapes and I can't recommend this release highly enough. in fact, everything from worthless is going to be worth your dollars - they've got other releases from HHL, vomir, burial ground, and bad algorithm, plus, they've put the audio from two of my favorite films of all-time - naked lunch and twin peaks: fire walk with me - onto audio cassettes for your casual listening pleasure. only naked lunch is still available, though, so grab it while you can.

and snap up those other releases, too.

(buy a copy from the label.)

(for preview purposes only.)

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  1. Nice blog! Found out about a couple of new morsels here. Any chance you could re-post this one? It looks tremendous, and is quite long gone from the label. Thanks for your efforts!