Thursday, January 31, 2013

wedding - on beyond yuggoth.

Wedding - On Beyond Yuggoth


54.97 MB

1. Mountains Of Mashu
2. Darkly-Splendid World

I discovered this cassette via this post on hammer smashed sound. I had never heard of brave mysteries before, but the great reviews (and lovecraft reference) caught my eye, so I picked up this one, along with the shiny black mater tape also mentioned in the link.

needless to say, these are some weird recordings. this one, wedding's "on beyond yuggoth," oscillates between droning ambience and extremely harsh noise, with some very abstract spoken-word vocals thrown in for good measure. it might not be "metal" per se, but it sure sounds metallic - it's always very dark and haunting - and thus perfect for the blog.

check out the brave mysteries store to pick up this and some of their other releases, all of which feature excellent packaging, high-quality tapes, and some of the weirdest "music" you're likely to find anywhere. for more info on this one and past releases, peruse their history page.

definitely a label worth investigating further.

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