Tuesday, January 15, 2013

cremation lily - it's ok to say no.

sorry to get your hopes up, but I'm not going to post a rip of this one. if I did, zen zsigo would send me a very polite takedown notice within an hour or two, then I'd remove the link and feel bad about posting it in the first place, so I'm not gonna bother.

nevertheless, this one is amazing. at more than forty minutes, it's far and away the longest cremation lily release to date (that I'm aware of) and the packaging is unbelievable - two c22 cassettes with an insert, a poster, and a black and white tealight, all inside a small hand-painted cardboard box with a handwritten dedication on the bottom.

on to the music itself - harsh, grating, and enthralling. the live drums add a whole new dimension to the sound, breaking through the noise and static, bringing it all to life. shrieks and shouts punctuate the chaos, adding to the live-performance feel.

limited to only twenty-one copies, it sold out within thirty minutes back at the end of october from the strange rules store, so if you missed it then, you're out of luck.

but on the bright side, there's going to be more cremation lily stuff out in the near future, as well as new releases from natural assembly and (probably, hopefully) a whole host of others.

sign up for the mailing list here to be alerted to upcoming releases and new additions to the store - every single one will be worth your hard-earned dollars.

(if there was a link, it would go here.)

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