Tuesday, January 29, 2013

fuil na seanchoille - hunger.

Fuil Na Seanchoille - Hunger


89.66 MB

1. The Infinite Void
2. Promethean Age
3. The Crimson Hand
4. Glasslands
5. Night Descends
6. Circle Of Rape
7. Anord Siorai
8. A Thousand Shades Of Grey
9. Outro

here's the debut full-length from irish black metal one-man band fuil na seanchoille, out on tour de garde. and don't ask me how to pronounce that name...it might be the only black metal band name I've encountered that I honestly have no idea how to say properly.

the album is fairly typical of the current crop of UK black metal - noisy, dirty, covered in shouted vocals, and caked in static. but unlike a lot of legion blotan releases, there's more of a focus on songwriting over atmosphere here, and it's very welcome.

I can see this blasting over a medieval battle scene, horses trampling through the fields as grass and sod soak up blood.

pick it up from media tree recordings here (as I did), or directly from tour de garde here - definitely worth the dollars.

(for preview purposes only.)

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  1. Maybe typical of the UK BM scene but it's an Irish release.