Tuesday, January 8, 2013

vocivus - s/t.

Vocivus - S/T


34.34 MB

1. Side A
2. Side B

been waiting a long time for this one, finally bit the bullet and picked it up on discogs. this is a side project from the mastermind behind xothist, also on the bleak environment label.

side a is straight-up mid-tempo black metal while side b is ambient and completely instrumental. not as long as I had hoped for, nor is it quite as furiously epic as the xothist tape, but it's still satisfying nonetheless. with regard to track titles - there are no breaks anywhere on either side, so I've left them alone. metal archives lists ten tracks but that doesn't seem right...it's probably more like three or four. if anyone can shed any light on this, please do so in the comments.

unfortunately, bleak environment appears to have shut down for unknown reasons...but hopefully, like crepusculo negro, it will be resurrected in the coming months. regardless, like them on facebook, buy whatever's left in the store and do your best to support the artists themselves.

xothist will have a track on the upcoming svn okklt double cassette compilation from fallen empire due to be released within the next month or so, but if you're dying to hear more of that sound (as I was), this tape should scratch that itch.

(for preview purposes only.)

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