Wednesday, July 8, 2015

mlehst - poacher turned gamekeeper turned poacher.

Mlehst - Poacher Turned Gamekeeper Turned Poacher


104.02 MB + 104.43 MB

I. Church Hill Perversions
II. Hole Lane
III. Burnt
IV. The Clappers
V. Ranters
VI. Number Six

new compilation/remix album from british power electronics act mlehst, courtesy of new forces.

great packaging and even better content.

honestly, not a whole lot to say other than that this comes highly recommended.

my copy came courtesy of unseen force, whose store has since gone down and recently been resurrected, albeit with a fraction of the original content.

sample other new forces releases at their bandcamp page, and send them an email if you're interested in ordering...which you should be, because all of their releases are fantastic.

a few copies are also for sale on discogs.

don't miss this one.

(part one.)

(part two.)


  1. Stone. Cold. Genius.

    I only found out about this last week and thought I'd never hear it ... and here it is!

    1. hahaha you are very welcome, my friend.

      this one is definitely worth a purchase...

  2. thank you... more mlehst if you got any!