Monday, July 13, 2015

dark worship - fullmoon over my castle.

Dark Worship - Fullmoon Over My Castle


32.7 MB

1. Fullmoon Over My Castle
2. We Are The Whispers Of Satan
3. Funeral Of A World
4. Dark Worship

let me just get this out there now - this has got to be one of the worst-sounding, most poorly recorded tapes I've ever heard.

some of you will probably love this and claim all black metal should sound this terrible.

to each his own.

but to me this is, like, borderline unlistenable.

it's possible - nay, probable - that there's some good stuff here, but the entire low end is just static. and not in the same way as most lo-fi, homemade black metal - this sounds like something was legitimately wrong with the recording hardware.

while it was once available through down and out, I haven't seen this tape for sale anywhere else.

and without an entry on discogs, you'll just have to keep an eye on the usual message boards.

physically, this is a well-made, well-designed release...I just really wish the recording was better.

here's hoping for more next time.

(you've been warned.)


  1. it mite sound a lil bettur if u turn ur vol down when u rippin

    1. this is the volume-turned-down version.

      I've heard the original master and the difference in quality is negligible.

  2. Saying it's terrible made me want to listen to it even more and this is actually fairly fucking dope