Tuesday, July 14, 2015

gidim - two.

Gidim - II


26.38 MB

1. The Blind
2. Chthonic Dream
3. The Way

see, now this is lo-fi black metal that I can get behind.

because as low as this recording quality is, I can listen to it.

I can discern the instruments and the vocals underneath the murk.

that's a good thing.

but this is exactly what I expect from fallow field.

good range of tempos, solid riffs, shrieked vocals...what more could anyone want?

this tape, along with the rest of the latest batch, are all sold out...but maybe a distro or two will have copies, who knows.

worth tracking down if you can find it.


(the good kind of lo-fi.)


  1. Thanks for all your uploads! Are you aware most of your files at .m4a? They may be more accessible to people at .mp3s? Either way you are doing great work. Thanks again.

    1. I am indeed aware of the codec that I use.

      in my experience, AAC files have a greater frequency range and capture more detail within those frequencies.