Tuesday, December 2, 2014

cremation lily & false moniker - the storms of the summer.

Cremation Lily & False Moniker - The Storms Of The Summer


19.81 MB

1. Nights Before - Nightlights Of England
2. Mornings After - Nightlife Of Belgium

somewhere along the line I forgot to post this...cremation lily has undergone a rather drastic stylistic change in the last year or so, with most releases being ambient, synth-based soundscapes.

that's not to say I dislike this new direction - zen is able to create a tangible sense of nostalgia that seems to be missing from the work of too many other artists who make similar music...the most obvious (and successful) of which is croatian amor, a comparison that others have already made.

these two tracks pick up right where the cremation lily/false moniker collaboration on the "feeding its young..." compilation left off - warm tones evoke imagined memories of summers both past and yet to come.

while I'd love to get some more power electronics from zen, this material is still great, just in a very different way...but thankfully the two styles are both strangely complementary and provide a really beautiful juxtaposition.

honestly, cremation lily never disappoints - a 5x cassette box is for sale right now, as is the new natural assembly tape.

somehow both of those are still available, so don't hesitate.

I can't wait to see what new directions this project takes in the years to come.

(for preview purposes only.)

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  1. Thanks for this! I've been staring at the five tape box set for a while but I am financially screwed. I can't believe that it is still for sale...

    1. I can't believe it either...not sure how I managed to afford it either, but I couldn't resist...

  2. considering False Moniker is Niels from Sequences, it makes sense that this would be a bit more ambient than noisy. though you're right, Zen has gone that path on his own anyway. that said, CL is definitely one of the more diverse electronic/noise artists around these days. thanks for the rip.

    1. yeah, if this was solely a sequences release, I wouldn't expect any noise...and, honestly, I've kind of stopped expecting noise from zen, as well...not that there's anything wrong with that...he's doing what he wants to do and not only do I respect him for that, he's still putting out great music, so no complaints at all.