Monday, December 1, 2014


do I really need to preface these submissions anymore?

I get plenty.

most don't impress me.

the ones that do, they get promoted here.

that's it.

but I especially enjoy when people volunteer to send me physical copies. so when the man behind geräushmanufaktur offered to send me an assortment of his releases, I was excited...but unsure of what to expect.

and instead of doing a ton of research on the label before the materials even arrived, I held off and waited - I wanted everything to remain as unspoiled as possible.

I'm glad I did.

not only are these release sonically stellar, the packaging is top-notch and on par with some of the best stuff out there. quality printing, great cardstock, additional inserts - everything is dark but colorful, unsettling but beautiful.

of everything that I've heard, though, one has really grabbed me in an unexpected way - j.adolphe's collaboration with dead body collection, "deep into the halls," demands to be seen, heard, and experienced.

we're all familiar with dr. alex's monolithic walls, but j.adolphe's manipulation brings everything to life in a completely new way - he adds ambience, vocals, and real variety to the walls of static that combine to make for an obscenely compelling listen.

and the packaging is fantastic, too.

seriously, don't miss this tape - or any of the others, for that matter. releases from tanner garza and vomir are also great, and if you're in the mood for something a little more on the ambient side, pick up any of the j.adolphe solo recordings - there are plenty to choose from.

and up next is a collaborative release from dead body collection, with manipulations from the rita, vomir, and werewolf jerusalem.


keep an eye on this label.

(stream "deep into the halls.")


  1. whoa...this is an eye opener! didn't know the label at all ...

    the Tanner Garza is great ... nearly everything that he has done (solo and split that is) is on his own bandcamp page ... which I have just found because of this post ... I know him from Black Leather Jesus and Priest In Shit but had missed his solo gear ... I need to pay attention!

    Nice one Tom!

    1. thank you, sir...really first-rate stuff here. but you should really thank jan, who runs the label and reached out to me...very glad he did.