Tuesday, July 15, 2014

carved cross / phantom feel.

Carved Cross / Phantom Feel


70.83 MB

1. Carved Cross - Above, As It Is Below
2. Phantom Feel - Murk

dungeon tapes definitely flew under my radar for entirely too long. they've put out a ton of great releases in only two short years - just examine their discography.

the carved cross side is some of the most raw black metal I've heard in a long time, filled with plenty of riffs and howls buried under layer upon layer of noise, grime, and decay.

unsurprisingly, phantom feel's track is some of the most raw drone I've heard in a long time, with the title being as apt a description as one could conjure. "murk" perfectly describes both the sound and the feel and works perfectly as a counterpoint to the blackened fury of the first side.

both sides compliment each other well, and at roughly twenty minutes each, there's actually a lot of material here. the packaging is also a high point, featuring a grey tape enclosed in a white clamshell case with artwork and an insert.

I don't know how or why copies are still available, so grab one from the link below. but don't wait, supplies are dwindling. and if you do miss out on this one, they've got a ton of other great releases for sale, too.

(buy a copy from dungeon tapes.)

(for preview purposes only.)

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