Tuesday, July 8, 2014

culver - house of black flowers.

Culver - House Of Black Flowers


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1. The Corpse Wore Red
2. Seina

and now for something a little more...soothing?

courtesy of the now-defunct sick head tapes, this is culver's "house of black flowers," a C60 from 2006, shortly after the label first launched.

to describe culver as prolific would be an understatement, with releases dating all the way back to 1996. and I've heard tragically few of these recordings. lee stokoe, the man behind the curtain, has done splits with werewolf jerusalem and george proctor, and has released material through proctor's legion blotan label as pact of ash. oh, and he's also a member of skullflower.

this tape features sick head's signature packaging which, for those of you who don't own one of their releases, is always a treat. handwritten labels in a frightening scrawl adorn both sides of the cassette and lend a genuine personal touch that too many releases lack.

the first side here is filled with long, slow drones that rise and fall, warming and cooling, all at the same time. the second side is my favorite, featuring some truly beautiful acoustic guitar work that slowly falls off into a droning abyss before being resurrected at the conclusion of the track.

seriously, I'm so disappointed that sick head called it quits, but their releases live on via discogs - any noise, drone, or experimental fan will find something to love in their back catalog, and things are surprisingly affordable.

and culver has a new release available via blow the reactors, so grab that while it's still available.

(for preview purposes only.)

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