Thursday, June 26, 2014

various artists - eden in reeds.

Various Artists - Eden In Reeds: Collected Misanthropic Sounds


158.87 MB

1. American Group - The Exceptional Features Of This Mind We Call Savage
2. Disfigure - Screaming Wind
3. Flowering Blade - Untitled One
4. Flowering Blade - Untitled Two
5. Prison Glue - 01-09 / 02-02 / 03-03 / 04-10

bleak environment is back. what more needs to be said?

I've shared a couple of their releases in the past and was definitely disappointed when it was announced that they'd be shuttering operations for the foreseeable future.

but about three weeks ago, a slew of new releases went up, including this, bleak environment's first compilation.

and I'm proud to be able to share it with all of you.

spread across two cassettes packaged in a white clamshell case with the trademark black-and-white photocopied artwork, there couldn't be a better mission statement for the relaunch of this impeccable label than this exemplary compilation of new artists.

of course, the fifty copies sold out in a matter of hours.

tracks range from noisy techno to noisy black metal to just plain old noise and I highly recommend everything on here - do what you can to track down a copy. trust me, you won't regret it.

in addition to new releases from xothist, tollund men, and others, there's also a slew of records and tapes from all of the best labels across the underground. so if you weren't lucky enough to grab one of the 50 copies of eden in reeds, at least pick up a distro item to show your support for bleak environment's relaunch.

and one of the relaunch releases, "vessels of wrath" by leopard in a tree, is still available. buy it now.

(buy something from bleak environment.)

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