Tuesday, June 10, 2014

various artists - tliltic tlapoyauak.

Various Artists - Tliltic Tlapoyauak


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1. Kuxan Suum - Tzolk'in
2. Cempopoloah - En El Ombligo De La Luna...
3. Blue Hummingbird On The Left - Storm
4. The Haunting Presence - Dead Souls Scream
5. In Lakech Ala Kin - Ometeotl
6. Muknal - Bringers Of Filth
7. Dolorvotre - Upward Spiraling
8. Tukaaria - Nekaroa
9. Kampilan - Battle Of Mactan
10. Volahn - Yaxche
11. Kallathon - Universe Of Constant Ages And In The Mist Of Eternity
12. Shataan - Born To The Earth, Return Through The Body
13. Blood Play - Screams Transcends
14. Acualli - Rites Of Mockery
15. Arizmenda - Rites Of Deconsecration
16. Axeman - Ride Into The Night

ever since the tour edition of this epic compilation came out last year, there's been a rip floating around. I don't know if it was the poor dub job or the fact that the ripper's cassette deck (probably) sucks, but that rip sounds like garbage.

this is a rip of the newly-released pro-tape version and, to be frank, it's a massive improvement over what's already out there. you shouldn't have to rip something multiple times, you shouldn't have to do any editing or use any filters. this rip, as with all of my others, is straight off the deck, no tweaks, no attempts at "improving" the sound quality. and you know what? this sounds pretty fantastic.

so, finally, justice has been done to crepusculo negro's crowning achievement. at nearly two hours, this is a lot to digest. this version comes in a clear plastic case with the same twenty-page, black and white booklet as the previous version. it's got lyrics and imagery that compliment the music perfectly.

overall it's a very well-curated release and easily ranks up there with the masterwork that was the svn okklt compilation as one of the best I've heard in a long time.

it's sold out from the source, but maybe they'll do a second pressing soon. and I hear that people are actually receiving orders in a timely manner nowadays, so don't be too afraid that your money will disappear into a black hole.

(buy something from crepusculo negro.)

(sides a + b.)

(sides c + d.)


  1. Hey, wondering cassette deck (brand) do you use to rip cassettes? Also, what program do ya use? My cassette/usb is on its last legs & is starting to sound like shit. I'd be ever greatful if ya email me with this info - seanashleychew@yahoo.com

  2. Muchos Gracias for this!!!! Every time I see Black Twilight bands live, their merch is long gone.