Thursday, June 19, 2014

trepaneringsritualen & sutekh hexen - one hundred year storm.

Trepaneringsritualen & Sutekh Hexen - One Hundred Year Storm


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late last year, at what may prove to have been its final incarnation, trepaneringsritualen and sutekh hexen performed a collaborative set at the stella natura festival.

this epic, hour-long performance was recorded and has been released to both cassette and vinyl by pesanta urfolk, in collaboration with cloister recordings. I can't speak to the vinyl edition, but the cassette version features gorgeous, well-designed packaging, pro-printed cassettes and great sound quality for a live recording.

the music itself is very tribal, very ritualistic - definitely the vibe they were going for at a festival held in the forests of northern california. and it's also very clearly a combination of the two acts involved - the dark ambient of trepaneringsritualen is usually dominant, yet punctuated at the perfect moments by sutekh hexen's unique brand of black noise.

fans of either of these artists have probably already picked this recording up on at least one format, but in case you haven't, copies of both the cassette and standard black vinyl are still available from pesanta urfolk, so don't miss out on this fantastically-packaged recording of a landmark, one-time-only performance.

(buy a copy of the cassette version.)

(buy a copy of the vinyl version.)

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  1. Another thankyou - I have the Pesanta vinyl coming in the mail, but I'm keen to have a digital copy for listening on the road. Gunna wait and listen to the wax first, but the link is such appreciated nonetheless.