Friday, May 29, 2015

rumor - s/t.

Rumor - S/T


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sorry (again) for lack of posts recently.

I was at maryland deathfest filming agoraphobic nosebleed and portal for david hall of handshake, inc.

yes, it was extremely fucking awesome.

no, I don't know when these pro-shot videos will be available, but I hope it's soon.


anyway, here's another atavistic insurgence tape.

it's great, just like everything else they've put out.

support the man behind all of these bands and the label by giving him some of your hard-earned money.

payment instructions can be found on the AI blog via the links above and below. I'll definitely be picking up a few more soon...

(check the blog, send an email, help out a hard-working artist.)

(for preview purposes only.)

(that means you, cvlt nation.)