Friday, June 5, 2015

fixation - rehearsal two.

Fixation - Rehearsal II


17.1 MB

1. Drop Out
2. Trapped Inside My Head
3. Crawl
4. On The Street
5. Falling Down (Instrumental)
6. Crippled Over (Instrumental)

this came with the may issue of down & out, but only if you ordered it after receiving the april issue...or was it the march issue?

I don't remember and I don't have any issues in front of me right now...

either way, copies of this are probably unavailable now but fixation has an EP coming out in the near future.

the may issue of down & out features an in-depth interview conducted between the always-entertaining jon rosenthal and the band (more specifically...sam vince?), and it's an interesting discussion about the band's move from a raw black metal sound to mixture of black metal and hardcore.

and although I'm generally not much of a hardcore fan, there's more than enough black metal in here to grab my attention and hold it for the tape's duration.

really, this is some ferocious material and my interest is definitely piqued for the (hopefully) imminent EP release.

(more than good enough to share.)


  1. jsyk, this isn't one of the tapes you had to order, it comes free as part of the initial subscription to down & out. i didn't order anything additional and i still got a copy of this, so...

    1. sucks for me, I guess...

    2. or maybe it was something else that I ordered...either way, I don't really mind giving money to sam vince.