Tuesday, April 7, 2015

various artists - broken shells mirrored in the water.

Various Artists - Broken Shells Mirrored In The Water


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1. (intro)
2. V. Sinclair - The Stones Glisten At Dawn
3. Fingering Eve - Sand Of Cadaqués
4. RVH - From Water Does All Life Begin
5. Cremation Lily - Fluid Freedom
6. (outro)

vaguely melodic drones are on full display here in the second compilation from strange rules.

it's all very soothing and ambient, perfect for clearing your head after the usual brutality we all listen to.

and it'll be summer soon (hopefully) and this is perfect for warm, carefree summer evenings.

a setting sun.

haze hanging in the sky.

distant laughter.

all memories yet to happen.

this music is perfect for eliciting that sense of youthful nostalgia.

(for preview purposes only.)

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