Tuesday, April 14, 2015

examining darkness.

Examining Darkness

May 7th - 29th

so, here's the reason for my lack of posting lately - I've been killing myself for the last three months curating my next gallery show, and I'm finally able to announce it.

examining darkness features a diverse array of artists whose works all approach darkness, both internal and external, in different ways. The outcome, however, is always cathartic and cleansing, and presents a renewed sense of faith in the self and the organic order of nature.

in addition to existing works by polynoid and susi sie, I'm proud to be exhibiting new digitally-manipulated photographs from fellow tisch school of the arts graduate alex schaefer, as well as two new short films from david hall, the man behind handshake, inc.

david commissioned mick barr, guitarist for krallice and orthrelm, to compose scores to both of his films, and mick will be performing these scores live at the show's debut on may 7th at 7p.


this was all a huge undertaking, unlike anything else I've ever produced, but I couldn't be happier with how it's all turned out.

I hope anyone in the new york area will come out, see the art, witness the musical performance, and say hello.

both david hall and alex schaefer will be on hand to mingle and discuss their respective works with attendees, plus there's free wine and beer, as always.

the incredible unartig will also be there to film the performance for anyone who can't make it, and I'll be sure to share the video once it's available.

feel free to comment or shoot me an email if you'd like any additional info.

for every event or show that I put on, I try to create something that I'd want to go to even if I had no affiliation whatsoever with anyone involved.

and although bias is impossible to escape, I'd like to think that I hit that goal with this show.

I sincerely hope to see some of you there.

(official event page.)

(facebook event page.)

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