Wednesday, April 22, 2015

milumet - myth is the womb through which fact must pass.

Milumet - Myth Is The Womb Through Which Fact Must Pass


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I just received a whole bunch of tapes from atavistic insurgence a couple days ago.

and while I have yet to listen to all of them, the few that I have heard are really great.

so far, myth is the womb... from milumet is my favorite. although I'm not always a fan of incredibly raw production just for the sake of being "underground" or "kvlt," this recording has the riffs and fury to stand on its own two feet regardless of recording quality.

this tape definitely hits the timing sweet spot - enough to satisfy while still leaving you wanting more.

there's not a ton of info available, but it looks like milumet's frontman is also the man behind the label, so head over to the atavistic insurgence site, send him an email, and buy some tapes. I'd never heard of any of the artists before, but not a single one has disappointed me yet.

support this label and the artists therein...can't wait to hear more.

(atavistic insurgence.)

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  1. You can just buy them all blindly. So good.

  2. great riffs indeed. some other good ones in this batch as well...

  3. love it! excellent! thank-you! fantastic blog!

  4. the high water mark of raw bm,cannot fault