Thursday, January 22, 2015

various artists - frozen in time II.

Various Artists - Frozen In Time II: Music To Accompany The Films Of Ingmar Bergman


77.25 MB + 73.38 MB + 73.64 MB

1. Micromelancolié & Sindre Bjerga - En Pasjon
2. German Army - People Of Bamboo
3. L'Acephale - Totentanz
4. Head Dress - Black / Plane / Untied
5. Spettro Family - L'ora Del Lupo
6. Night Worship - Degrading & Everlasting The Same

it took about a year, but part two of black horizon's ingmar bergman companion music is finally available and I couldn't be more excited.

this collection boasts two pieces of music set to my favorite bergman film, cries and whispers, as well as two more for hour of the wolf and one for the seventh seal.

and just like the previous collection, the packaging and design are absolutely perfect. this new release draws on that established aesthetic but takes it to a new level with even more gorgeous photography to set the mood.

unlike the previous collection, there's also much wider variety of music here. and, dare I say it, I think this second volume might even be superior to the original.

don't hesitate and just pick up a copy from black horizons...there's no way anyone could be disappointed with this absolutely excellent release.

(buy a copy from black horizons.)

(sides a & b.)

(sides c & d.)

(sides e & f.)

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