Thursday, January 29, 2015

being - to fall in love with your own reflection.

Being - To Fall In Love With Your Own Reflection


57.55 MB

1. Life Is A Stage
2. And When The Curtain Falls Upon An Act
3. It Is Finished And Forgotten
4. The Emptiness Of Such A Life Is Beyond Imagination

excellent harsh noise from luke tandy's being, courtesy of italy's a dear girl called wendy.

nice packaging with labelled cassettes containing just enough choppy, screeching brutality to leave you satisfied without overstaying its welcome.

there's a great variety of tones, moods, and chaos here - you never know what's around the next corner, but it all flows perfectly.

my copy came from unseen force, where it's now sold out, but copies are still available directly from the label via the link below.

highly recommended.

(sold out.)

(the link has returned.)

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