Thursday, May 22, 2014

vhmnt / blsphm.



75.14 MB

1. VHMNT - Untitled
2. BLSPHM - Untitled

with just a few releases under it's belt, belief mower has jumped onto my radar in a big way with releases from demian johnston's BLSPHM project and the newest golden raven tape, which may be posted here soon...and they also released live krieg tape, of which both the first and second pressings sold out almost immediately.

I'm obviously a fan of BLSPHM, and while I had never heard of VHMNT before, the description of "stratospheric black metal from beyond the stars" piqued my interest, so I picked one up.

limited to fifty hand-numbered copies, this lengthy split definitely makes good on that description. VHMNT's track is epic by just about any measure, clocking in at more than twenty-four minutes and covering a range of styles, from ambient drone to furious black metal. it's a slow build, but it works - before you know it, those drones give way fuzzed-out guitars, raucous drums, and discordant howls. it really, really works and inspired me to track down other VHMNT recordings.

the BLSPHM track is much more ambient and droning, with the aural textures of grinding machinery haunting the background and pulling the listener into a rusted, decayed world of darkness. sorry if that sounds a bit hyperbolic, but it is what it is.

copies are still available at belief mower via the link below, and be sure to check out some of their other offerings as well. if blackened drone is your cup of tea, you'll definitely find something new to love.

(buy a copy from belief mower.)

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