Wednesday, January 22, 2014

vomir / acerbitas.

Vomir / Acerbitas


142.63 MB

1. Vomir - Untitled
2. Acerbitas - Untitled

vomir obviously needs no introduction. acerbitas is the creation of quagga curious label head michael ridge and he brings a level of brutality that stands up admirably next to the master of harsh noise wall.

this is nearly eighty minutes of absolutely unrelenting auditory destruction. and the packaging is another high-point: the recycled maxell cassette comes wrapped in pieces of a garbage bag and sealed with a sticker, tucked inside of a small clear plastic bag with a hand-numbered insert and limited to just twenty-five copies.

when I discovered this release, I had previously never heard of quagga curious sounds, but a quick perusal of their back catalogue will be enough to make any noise fan take notice. with releases from torturing nurse, dead body collection, kylie minoise, and government alpha, the music alone is worthwhile. then add in the fact that every release is hand-crafted in editions of anywhere from ten to fifty copies each and you have a very collectible label whose releases sell out almost instantly.

although nearly everything, including this split, is sold out from the label itself, several releases are available on discogs...this split included. do your best to support the label and the artists involved.

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