Sunday, January 19, 2014

croatian amor - mercure.

Croatian Amor - Mercure


18.71 MB

1. January Is August
2. Club 406 ft. Kristy Long

you should all know what to expect here, especially after croatian amor's recently-release debut full-length: dark and dreamy synths paired with droning, haunting melodies.

originally issued as a cassette by posh isolation that was limited to just nineteen copies, this 7" version, released by lithuanian label terror, is much easier to come by.

although I got mine from total black, brett has since sold out of both his initial stock and a re-stock. plenty of copies are available on discogs so be sure to grab one - every croatian amor release seems to be pretty collectible.

and the music pretty enjoyable, too, so if you enjoyed that full-length (and who didn't), pick this one up asap. and be sure to check out terror, too, as they've got releases from crown of cerberus, dead body collection, vomir, and black leather jesus.

(for preview purposes only.)

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