Sunday, January 5, 2014

f.e. denning - light and dust.

F.E. Denning - Light And Dust


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part of the newest batch from the inimitable posh isolation, this new release from f.e. denning is filled with warm, slightly noisy drones.

whereas rites of passage had a much colder, darker vibe, light and dust feels much warmer and brighter, almost uplifting at times. I'd actually liken it to the crown of cerberus tape I posted a while ago - a great calming release to give your ears a break from the usual vile putridity we all know and love.

I think copies might still be available from the label itself, but shipping costs to the united states will probably be obscene...vacation vinyl in los angeles might also have a few copies, but most of the online distros are already sold out.

but maybe total black will be getting a few in stock...maybe?

(for preview purposes only.)