Sunday, December 22, 2013

ostots - arantzen putzuan.

Ostots - Arantzen Putzuan


40.61 MB

1. Arantzen Dorrea
2. Basiliskoaren Putzua
3. Bakardadearen Iluntasuna Aztertzen
4. Ekaitz Bortitzen Sentimenak

I've been a fan of one-man spanish band ostots ever since first hearing their split with black howling that was released by legion blotan in 2011. they have a great raw sound filled to the brim with catchy riffs played at a breakneck pace.

but the music always feels controlled and exact, and this lets those riffs and melodies shine through that rawness with a real radiance.

this tape, their first for fallow field, was released in september and quickly sold out. a few distros copies became available through total black, and that's how one finally ended up in my hands.

although I've heard that at least one copy contained several skips and drop-outs, my copy seems to be free of any defects and as such, I've made it available for all of you. there are three meaty compositions followed by one instrumental outro track that brings it all to a surprisingly mellow close.

if you've somehow missed out on ostots up until now, track down as much of their past material as you can get your hands on - this is a great band that will only get better from here.

the same goes for fallow field - do not sleep on anything this label releases. both the music and packaging get very high marks and everything I've heard so far has been well worth the effort.

(for preview purposes only.)