Saturday, November 23, 2013

recluse - demo.

Recluse - Demo


25.08 MB

1. Exsanguinary Purification
2. Erect Holy Strangulation
3. No Way Out

the first demo from recluse is finally upon us, and boy does it ever slay. I had heard this was in the works a while ago, and thankfully my friend ben over at black metal and brews informed me that it had in fact been released.

it should come as no surprise that this demo is absolutely fantastic - but what else would you expect from a group that contains key members of loss and cobalt, both standouts on profound lore's incredible roster?

cobalt's representative here is phil mcsorley, who turns in a much more raw but no less furious vocal performance than with his primary band.

the other half of recluse is mike meacham, better known at the vocalist and guitarist from loss, whose debut full-length was released by profound lore two years ago.

as much as we'd all love new records from both loss and cobalt, one listen to this demo is enough to (momentarily) put those desires on hold, replaced by a need for this new project to truly come to fruition on a full-length. there's a staggering amount of potential here and I really hope that meacham and mcsorley continue to explore this new path they've created.

copies are still available from the label, so grab one immediately from the link below. while graceless recordings might not sound immediately familiar, they put out the first edition of the incredible lycus demo, so they obviously know their stuff. plus, their distro has a great selection of imports from artists like verglas and clandestine blaze.

don't hesitate, just buy a copy of this tape for your collection - it's easily one of the best demos of the year.

(buy a copy from graceless recordings.)

(for preview purposes only.)


  1. Thank you for posting this. I don't have a tape deck and Phil seems pretty adamant about not releasing this on any other format. A++

    1. glad you enjoyed it and thanks for reading.