Tuesday, November 5, 2013

atrax morgue - esthetik of a corpse.

Atrax Morgue - Esthetik Of A Corpse


91.75 MB

1. Esthetik of A Corpse
2. Talkin' To A Decapitated Head
3. Post Mortem Attack
4. Necroactivity 2
5. Talkin' To A Decapitated Head 2
6. Sex Organs In Formaldeide
7. Dr. Rosenberg Report
 8. Bloodbath For My Cock
9. Dedicated to Karen G.
10. Dissektion
11. Negative Forces
12. 5x Eyeballs In Her Mouth
13. Untitled
14. Last Orgasm Before Death

marco corbelli was an italian noise pioneer. he put out dozens of releases over more than two decades via his own slaughter productions label before killing himself in 2007.

if you're unfamiliar with him and his work, remedy that right now. several of atrax morgue's full-length tapes have been recently reissued on vinyl by urashima. they're all sold out from the source but check discogs and various independent distros.

I think all current links for this one around the web are inactive, so here's a new one for anyone who doesn't already have this landmark release.

(for preview purposes only.)

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