Sunday, November 17, 2013

an innocent young throat-cutter - it kills and devours the male.

An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter - It Kills And Devours The Male


 170.66 MB + 170.81 MB

1. Hanno Cambiato Faccia
2. The Smile Of The Hyena
3. At The Front Of The Pool
4. Death Calls At Ten

it kills and devours the male, a brand-new collection of HNW from richard ramirez and cristiano renzoni, comes courtesy of meaning corrupted, a new label dedicated to the most extreme audio around. they've already released material from blue sabbath black cheer and pig heart transplant, and have upcoming releases from werewolf jerusalem and black leather jesus.

this double cassette from ramirez and renzoni's an innocent young throat-cutter is easily the most epic of meaning corrupted's first dozen releases - I mean, did you see that time up there? this is more than three hours of completely unforgiving harsh noise wall spread across two cassettes.

textures run the gamut from soft to jagged to everything in between, and the last track is definitely my favorite - it has a warmth to it, as if there's a really distant synth tone operating on a subconscious level beneath the waves of static.

a true endurance test, it's going to be tough for most people to make it through this whole album in one sitting - after all, each track could be an album in and of itself - but for fans of ramirez's other work, as well as fans of renzoni's work as alo girl, this is an obvious purchase.

this one is long sold out from the label, so get in touch with ramirez to grab a copy for yourself. it's a great value and your hard-earned dollars will help to support an independent artist and a fledgling label.

don't pass this one up.

(sides a and b.)

(sides c and d.)

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