Sunday, April 8, 2018

flešš / lampir.

Flešš / Lampir


56.67 MB

1. Flešš - Unquenchable Bloodlust
2. Flešš - Stalking The Weak And Wounded
3. Flešš - Ravaging Pristine Flesh
4. Flešš - Skulking From Grim Towers
5. Lampir - Fading Prismal Vision
6. Lampir - Glaring Phantasm
7. Lampir - Morning Fog Of Lost Souls

finally have a working cassette deck again.

from the latest perverse homage batch, this split between flešš and lampir is yet another standout release from one of the most reliable labels around.

nicely packaged with a clear, pro-printed cassette, this is essential listening.


(for vampyric purposes only.)

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