Friday, May 27, 2016


I've long been a supporter of everything that NSN puts out, and after a lengthy hiatus, the label is finally back with two new tapes, along with a release party early next week.

the first is "hymnes à la déroute," from trup.

raw, scathing black metal, and it's really great.

the album is available on bandcamp, but obviously I highly recommend and encourage you to buy the physical version.

the second is "devoir. génétique. violence. hiérarchie," from un regard froid.

brutal power electronics.

a video preview of one track is available here:

it is awesome, both sonically and visually.

and if you're in montreal on 5/31, swing by the release party, have a few beers, and meet the artists.

bottom line: buy these tapes as soon as they're available.

(follow NSN.)

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