Monday, May 16, 2016

climax denial - repentance in ecstacy.

Climax Denial - Repentance In Ecstacy


61.69 MB

1. Immature
2. They Died On A Beautiful Day
3. How Shadow
4. Penance
5. It Was A Short Funeral
6. Metamorph (Intrinsic Action Cover)
7. A Figure Stalking Place
8. The Total Answer

interesting power electronics from climax denial, courtesy of bacteria field.

huge variety of tones and textures here...vocals, melodies, noise, some ambience...this one pretty much runs the gamut.

really great stuff.

copies are still available from the label via the link below.

and while I'd normally tell you all to check out the rest of bacteria field's offerings, this actually appears to be the only release that isn't sold, yeah, there you go.

but obviously keep an eye on that storefront and don't hesitate to grab any new releases as they become available.

(buy a copy from bacteria field.)

(for repentance purposes only.)

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