Friday, February 5, 2016

various artists - the london gardens society.

Various Artists - The London Gardens Society


55.78 MB

1. Mlehst - This Is Still Your Master Calling
2. Cremation Lily - Cyclic Withdrawal / Passing Stone (Oslo, 10/04/15)
3. Memory Work - Glory Is Yours
4. Balkan Gaze - The Pillars Of Belgrade
5. False Moniker - A Falling Body
6. Kay Hill - Psychology

new compilation from strange rules imprint winter cross.

some churning drones from mlehst, some live destruction from cremation lily, and a whole lot of hypnotic synth material from the remainder of the artists.

currently sold out from the label, a couple of copies are available on discogs.

recommended, and I'm looking forward to seeing how winter cross develops.

(for london gardens purposes only.)

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